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What's EcchiArt?

It’s the only subscription of its kind, featuring a hundred pages of high resolution, exclusive ecchi photos, illustrations, and manga each month, influenced by you, the subscriber!

Even better, you get to vote for your favorites to have them featured in next month’s edition, so that I’m always able to give you a subscription you love.

Each month you’ll get the download link to the digital magazine that you can read anywhere, on any device.  Even better, there’s no DRM or other annoyances!

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Ages 18+ only

Hundreds of Ecchi Exclusives Each Month

Subscribe and get immediate access to the current edition, featuring:

Original anime artwork.

Original ecchi manga series.

Naughty exclusive cosplay photos.

Sets from
The Otaku Box PuriPuri Squad.

Photos from Giu Hellsing, Xkalty, Kate Key, Zureeal, + many more.

Level up and get unique perks.

Vote for your favorite manga, cosplays, and naughty anime.

Earn achievements and unlock bonus content.

Optional print version with extra goodies (coming soon).

You can't find this content anywhere else!

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Ages 18+ only

Original (Naughty)
Manga Series

I’ve launched an entire collection of all-original Manga!

Written, illustrated, and produced exclusively for EcchiArt, each month will bring new titles in both color and traditional black and white, and of course, they’re naughty!

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Ages 18+ only

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the otaku box ecchi Digital artbook

contains 30+ hd images

All of Year 2 Winning Artwork

All of Year 2 Runner-up Artwork

Several Drafts from Year 2 Content

PLUS! a monthly waifu wallpaper pack featuring a curated selection of high resolution mobile and desktop wallpapers!

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Ages 18+ only

Level Up

The longer you stay a subscriber, the more you’re rewarded!


After three months you’ll obtain the rank of Master:

- Get a big pack of exclusive wallpapers, WIPs, photos, and more!


After six months you’ll obtain Hero level:

- Be added to the list of Heroes on my Hero Program.

- Get a video from one of my cosplayers thanking you for all your support.


Wow, you’re a Legend!  You stand among the few, a force for ecchi goodness! Perks:

- Your name (or nickname) will be added in to a special section in the digital edition.

- Get a personalized video from a cosplayer of your choice!

- If you receive the print edition (coming soon), you’ll get an autographed version plus an exclusive Liz poster!

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Ages 18+ only

Meet My

Come view exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes quotes from cosplayers you know and love that you can’t find anywhere else!

Become a hero

50% of profits go to helping people everywhere! Yep, you read that right: half of everything goes to helping those in need.

By subscribing, you become a Hero who’s supporting good works everywhere, from buying groceries for kids in the USA, to providing clean water in Africa, to helping orphans in Japan, and lots more in between!

Some EcchiArt editions will include info about the Hero program, including interviews, behind the scenes photos, and thank-you notes from people you’ve helped.

Thanks so much for being an Otaku Hero!

Hi, I'm Liz!

I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, but I got frustrated when I couldn’t find loot from my favorite titles.

So, I created The Otaku Box.  Then, I started EcchiArt when I realized that none of the fun naughty magazines and art books I can get in Japan could be found anywhere else!

So, subscribe now for an ecchi-packed digital magazine each month, featuring 100+ pages of waifus, cosplayers, and more!



Is there a fee to join?


Yes, it’s 9.99 each month, and for that you get hundreds of naughty ecchi art images and photos, wallpapers, multiple chapters of manga, quotes and info from PuriPuri Squad girls, and you’re supporting creators, charities, and individuals all over the world!

When am I billed?


You are billed for your first month at checkout, and then every month on the same day. So if you were to sign up on October 12th, then you would be billed again on November 12th.  Of course, you can cancel anytime.

How do I cancel?


This is super easy! Just head to and follow the instructions.  Cancel anytime.

Do I need an app?


Nope!  I provide a high resolution downloadable file that you can view on any device and keep for as long as you like, even if you cancel.  And, there’s no DRM or other annoyances!  I trust that you’ll keep it to yourself, since half of the profit goes to charities and individuals, helping people all over the world!

Is there 18+ content posted?


Yes, this is a naughty subscription. You must be age 18+ to purchase!

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Ages 18+ only

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