Hottest Erza Scarlet Moments

From vacation moments to fights scenes, we countdown the hottest Erza Scarlet moments.

In this article:

  • 15. Erza Scarlet Caught In Evergreen's Spell
  • 14. Circle Sword
  • 13. Erza Scarlet Vs. Jiggle Butt Gang
  • 12. Erza Scarlet Vs. 100 Monsters
  • 11. Fairies' Christmas
  • 10. Erza And Mirajane Vs. Tartaros Henchmen
  • 9. Sound Palm
  • 8. Fire Empress Armor
  • 7. Hot Springs
  • 6. Bunny Outfit
  • 5. Nakagami Starlight
  • 4. Ataraxia Armor Requip
  • 3. Erza Scarlet Vs. Erza Nightwalker
  • 2. Erza Scarlet In A Bikini
  • 1. Erza Uses Grand Chariot

Erza Scarlet Moment You Want To Rewatch

In case you've missed it, Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail Guild. She's a fiery redhead with Requip magic, among others. And did we mention she has no problem with nudity?

It was hard to narrow it down to just 15, but here's our pick for the hottest Erza Scarlet moments.

15. Erza Scarlet Caught in Evergreen's Spell

Evergreen turned Erza to stone, but Natsu turned her back to normal. Now we'll admit, this might not be as hot as other moments. But, her outfit from the Miss Fairy Tale contest plus her recovery pose is perfect.

14. Circle Sword

In her Heaven's Wheel Armor, Erza commands her swords to dance for her. And they do.

Erza displays her power while wearing some of the sexiest armor in her repertoire. There's no denying it. Erza is hot.

13. Erza Scarlet vs. Jiggle Butt Gang

While the Jiggle Butt Gang is a ridiculous enemy, they did give us Erza in a skin-tight latex bodysuit.

Despite the terrible fight scene, we love how Erza looks in latex.

Get a glimpse of the action in this YouTube clip:

12. Erza Scarlet vs. 100 Monsters

Erza challenges 100 monsters and defeats them by quickly re-equipping, showing off some of her best and hottest armor. That's why this moment made it onto our list.

11. Fairies' Christmas

At their Christmas party, Erza Scarlet dons a red dress and thigh-high black tights. All the girls become intoxicated, and soon the party takes a turn.

They decide to play a game, and, as a result, Erza has to strip naked and walk home.

10. Erza and Mirajane vs. Tartaros Henchmen

Erza's Black Wing Armor is not only powerful but also leaves little to the imagination. What makes this moment extra hot is Mirajane fighting alongside Erza.

With both ladies showing off a lot of skin - what more can you want?

9. Sound Palm

Erza's Robe of Yuen armor is little more than a revealing kimono with a revealing cleavage and open sides. It also perfectly illustrates how sound magic works.

The sound wave hits Erza in just the right spot to make this moment memorable.

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8. Fire Empress Armor

During a match with Natsu, Erza changes to Fire Empress armor. And it's hot!

In this armor, Erza's shoulders and legs are on full display. Another feature is Erza's hair, tied into a pair of high, long pigtails by clips.

7. Hot Springs

What do you get if you combine hot springs with hot girls? A scorching hot scene and the number seven hottest Erza Scarlet moment on our list! This whole scene is scorching hot.

When Erza sits on the side with a barely-there towel, things definitely heat up even more. And we can see just how well endowed Erza really is!

6. Bunny Outfit

It was almost impossible to decide between Erza's Rabbit armor or her bunny outfit. In the end, the bunny outfit won simply because Lucy has a supporting role in this scene.

Both ladies are drop-dead gorgeous! But Erza steals the show looking like a voluptuous Playboy Bunny from head to toe. Above all, the close-ups are enough to make you swoon.

5. Nakagami Starlight

The Nakagami armor consists of a very short robe and reveals most of Erza Scarlet's chest.

While this armor leaves little to the imagination, the power needed to control it is what lands it on our list.

4. Ataraxia Armor Requip

We'll admit it. All Erza's requips are off the charts hot, but this one deserves to be singled out. From the graceful initiation to the seductive landing, this moment is flawless.

The armor is a beautiful, revealing gown with a red collar. And did anyone want pantsu? This requip has it all.

3. Erza Scarlet vs. Erza Nightwalker

The only thing hotter than Erza is two Erza's battling it out. In addition to getting up-close and personal with her counterpart, she also displays her superior powers.

Watch the video on YouTube

2. Erza Scarlet In a Bikini

Need we say more? Erza looks smoking hot in whatever she's wearing, but a bikini almost takes top prize.

Lucky for us, there's plenty of opportunities to witness this work of art.

1. Erza Uses Grand Chariot

If you don't know what we're on about, do yourself a favor and check it out.

It is impossible to look away as Erza uses Grand Chariot to defeat Swan. She does all this with her hands tied behind her back in Celestial armor.

Celestial armor also happens to be Erza's hottest.

We all know Erza is beautiful, sexy, and powerful. And every time we think there's no way she can get any hotter, she surprises us with new armor and spells.

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