Introducing EcchiToons!

EchhiArt is changing, and we are all very excited! With a renewed focus on manga, we are rebranding as EcchiToons, so all you ecchi-loving otaku can get the exclusive manga you love for a lower price. There are also new optional collections can be added, meaning you can get the exact content you want!

Manga Collection

All five girls from Shaimai V | Manga Collection | Introducing EcchiToons!
Shaimai V, EcchiArt

Here at EcchiArt, we realized we were forgetting our roots, the love of naughty manga, and bringing it to a worldwide audience at an affordable price! So, we’re rebranding as EcchiToons and putting the focus back where it needs to be.

Our monthly editions will be at least fifty pages of pure manga goodness for less than $5. Now you have no excuse not to subscribe!

EcchiToons will continue with series from EcchiArt like Calculatrix and Shamai V and will include plenty of new content. If you want to find previous volumes from these series, you can find all the editions from 2020 in the shop.

This can be purchased just as the manga pack, single full editions (including all the cosplay and art) and even the entirety of the EcchiArt archive as a special bundle.

Cosplay Collection

Cosplay add-on advert with the Puri Puri Squad girls | Cosplay Collection | Introducing EcchiToons!
Puri Puri Squad advert, EcchiToons

Don’t worry; if you love the Puri Puri Squad, they aren’t going anywhere! You can get the Cosplay Collection for an additional $4.90 for 35 pages of cosplay fun. Ju Tsukino, Chibi Katy, Gui Hellsing, and the rest of the girls are all here for you.

Free Ecchi Pack

You can even get all the 2020 cosplay pages as an exclusive pack (so without the manga or art) in the shop!

Art Collection

Art by Heheneko | Art | Introducing EcchiToons!
Heheneko, EcchiArt

If for you naughty art is life, we understand. Like cosplay, the Art Collection will be available as an option for $4.90. Around 35 pages of amazing ecchi talent, from our wonderful artists including Heheneko, Yuri and Cessa.

Craving new waifus? They are all here waiting for you to discover! Art packs from 2020 are available too.


Calculatrix cover art black and white | Exclusives | Introducing EcchiToons!
Calculatrix, EcchiArt

Amazingly, there’s more! There will be specific packs available, for example a waifu edition with art of a single anime girl and packs focussing on a sole cosplayer. Be on the look out for your favorite girls!

There’s even a chance to level up with exclusive VIP content through Liz’s Stash - a secret one-shot manga that will not be available any other way, delivered into your personal account.

If you were an EcchiArt subscriber, you’ll get the all three collections (manga, art and cosplay) for the same price you were paying before, as a thank you from us for your loyalty!

Change can be confusing, but the main takeaway is EcchiToons will be over 50+ pages of ecchi manga delivered directly to your inbox every month for $4.90.

Free Ecchi Pack

Get instant access for $9.99!