Meganekko - Glasses Girl!

A girl in anime that wears glasses is known as a meganekko, and is a common type of character in Japanese media.

They are often smart or particularly cunning, but they are always cute. In fact, as she can’t see that well it gives her a certain moe quality, as she may need a little looking after if her signature eyewear is ever broken! Here are some of the different types of meganekko you may come across with some examples

Bookish Girl

Murakami in the library | Bookish Girl | Meganekko - Glasses Girl!
<DOGEZA> I Tried Asking While Kowtowing, episode 4, 2020

The classic glasses girl, the quiet bookish character that can be found in the library. Her appeal is in her innocence, and the potential gap moe of this cutey revealing her sensual side is extremely tantalising.

She’s also often all alone in the library, raising the question: does she like practical things or just theory? Here we have Murakami from <DOGEZA> I Tried Asking While Kowtowing, but there are of course many examples of bookish meganekko in anime.

Gamer Girl

Kou-kun with her headphones | Gamer Girl | Meganekko - Glasses Girl!
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, episode 10, 2018

Also quiet and unassuming, the gamer girl meganekko isn’t going to look up at you unless you give her a very good reason. Or you may just need to be extremely patient and wait for her to come to you.

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Like Naoya with Kou in Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, try becoming friends in a game first, and then she’ll eventually open up.


Akia getting close to Kunou | Pervert | Meganekko - Glasses Girl!
High School DxD Hero, episode 3, 2018

Don’t let her bookish looks fool you, there can be a pervert lurking behind those lenses. Akia from High School DxD is renowned as a glasses toting pervert, having the ‘size scouter’ ability (meaning she is able to assess a guys ‘manhood’ with just a look).

She also likes to stir things up, offering unsolicited perverted advice and encouraging jealousy between the other characters. Sometimes glasses can prove to be a perfect disguise!

Office Lady

Chi-chan working hard | Office Lady | Meganekko - Glasses Girl!
Love is Like a Cocktail, episode 5, 2017

This is the beautiful office lady Chi-chan from Love is Like a Cocktail. At work, she’s a calm and hardworking glasses wearing lady. But get her home and a drink in her hand and she transforms, the glasses come off, her hair comes loose and she becomes even cuter!

She works hard, and plays hard! Anime has many examples of hardworking meganekko, all longing for an opportunity to have a bit of fun.

Glasses and Oppai

Anri Sonohara | Glasses and Oppai | Meganekko - Glasses Girl!
Durarara, episode 5, 2010

Often the meganekko also has other assets. Many examples have impressive oppai too! The example pictured is Anri Sonohara from Durarara, who is even referred to as the ‘girl with big tits and glasses’ which leads to unfortunate misunderstandings.

Luckily she is able to show her true colors and doesn’t just hide behind the labels given to her.

Shy Otaku

Sensei-chan in cosplay | Shy Otaku | Meganekko - Glasses Girl!
DENKI-GAI, episode 3, 2014

Sensei-chan from Denki-gai is dedicated to becoming a successful manga artist, but her colleagues at the bookstore Uma no Hone help her to let loose and have fun sometimes.

She’s often self-conscious about her looks and especially about her glasses, but luckily Umio thinks she’s cute just the way she is! Many otakus, especially female mangakas, are often depicted with glasses, adding to their hardworking appeal.

Even though meganekko is a stereotype, they do come in all shapes and sizes! Glasses may give them a cute vulnerability, or imply she is clever, but never assume anything as she may surprise you!

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