Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Ju Tsukino

Today we're having one of the cutest PuriPuri Squad members Jutsukino, and she's answering some of the questions you guys wanted to know! Let's jump in!

So, when did you start watching anime, and what is the first anime you watched?

I started watching anime back in 1995, even though I had trouble finding any at first in Brazil. My first experience was Sailor Moon, which was ‘magical’ and my ‘love at first sight’. Sailor Moon actually remains my all-time favorite character!

Ju Tsukino as Sailor Moon | Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Ju Tsukino

Is that how you got into cosplay? If not, do tell us how!!

I didn’t get into cosplay until much later, and my first cosplay experience was at an anime convention in 2005. I saw a girl dressed as Sakura Kinomoto (from Cardcaptor Sakura). I immediately asked for photos and why she was dressed like that.

That’s when I fell in love, and I was enchanted by the idea, especially as I was already into hand stitching and crafty projects. I immediately decided to cosplay at my next convention.

Ju Tsukino’s take on a maid Saber (from the Fate series) | Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Ju Tsukino

What was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was an adapted dress to become Chii from Chobits, but my first entirely handmade outfit was my first love - Sailor Moon.

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Do you have any pets?

I love cats! I have recently adopted two kitties, saving them from the street.

Are you into video games?!

In the past, oh gosh, so much! I remember spending full days and nights playing, but growing up, with life and a job, I don't have time to play anymore, unfortunately.😥 My all-time favorites are Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot!

Ju Tsukino cosplaying Lux Elementalist- Light from League of Legends | Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Ju Tsukino

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