Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Natsumilouise

The treat for today is an interview with Natsumilouise from the Puri Puri Squad! We’ve got some important questions and we can’t wait to hear the answers!

When did you start watching anime, and what is the first anime you watched?

I’ve watched anime ever since I was a child, without even realising it! I loved both Cardcaptor Sakura and Pokémon. But the first show I watched knowing it was an anime was Death Note, this was my first entrance to the otaku world!

Natsumilouise looking beautiful as Saori from Saint Seiya | Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Natsumilouise

Who is your all-time favorite character?

Louise from Zero no Tsukaima is a big favorite (that is where my nickname comes from!), but also Hestia from Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon as you can't go wrong with a good goddess!!

Is your love of anime how you got into cosplay? If not, do tell us how!!

Somewhat, I was watching Death Note a long time ago on a long-gone channel, and there was a section with a famous cosplayer talking about her professional life as a model.

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This was a very important moment, and I was like “I want this for my life!”

Natsumilouise in her Sonic cosplay | Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Natsumilouise

What was your first cosplay?

It was Misa Amane (from Death Note), made mostly with normal clothes and a few pieces handsewn by me and my grandma back in 2009.

Are you into video games, and if so which is your favorite?!

I sure am! I love the Final Fantasy series. My favorite for sure is Final Fantasy 13, which was my very first alone playthrough when I was 13! I also like Zelda, Stardew Valley, and some FPS games.

Natsumilouise’s take on Sailor Moon | Puri Puri Squad Interviews: Natsumilouise

Do you have any pets?

I do, I am an animal lover and I have two dogs, a bird, a bunny, and 5 chickens! (I know lots of animals!)

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