Ryuko Matoi's Top 4 Sexiest Outfits

Magical girl genre anime seems to have characters with the strangest and most unique outfits. Ryuko Matoi from Kill la kill certainly has one of the most "Unique" outfits in all anime history.

Create a Cosplay Costume -- Steps and Tips:

  1. Kamui Senketsu
  2. Senketsu Senjin
  3. Senketsu Shippu
  4. Senketsu Kisaragi

Let's find out what is so unique about her outfit

Kamui Senketsu

Kamui Senketsu | Kamui Senketsu | Ryuko Matoi's Top 4 Sexiest Outfits
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Kamui Senketsu is Ryuko Matoi's first form after transforming to fight her sister's underling to protect her friend.

When she came across a blue and red sailor suit in the basement of her home, it came to life after seeing her bleed. It jumped on her and forced her to wear it. Then she gained the power to transform into a "magical girl" with an outrageous look complete with long stockings, high heels, suspenders, and a miniskirt! The outfit is so sexy that it will make your nose bleed.

The transformed suit became battle armor with a mechanical effect in navy blue with a red outline and a slick-looking sheen. Ryuko Matoi's battle suit includes a long-sleeved crop top covering her breasts, a thong skirt, and stockings.

There are two suspenders in front and one in the back that connect her crop top to her thong, and her thong to her stocking.

Senketsu Senjin

Senketsu Senjin | Senketsu Senjin | Ryuko Matoi's Top 4 Sexiest Outfits
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In the world of Kill la Kill, your outfit is your battle suit. By the power of the Life Fiber, the costume of the one who wears them has the power to transform and gain superpower.

The ability to fly, stretch, shapeshift, and do all sorts of other special powers are given to anyone wearing the Life Fiber.

To break free of the opponent's bondage wrap technique, Ryuko's suit evolved and transformed into its second form - the Senketsu Senjin. In this form, the battle armor is covered with razor-sharp spikes and claws. These razor spikes can even spin around the suit like a chainsaw that can cut her free.

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Shiny blades on the outfit add a whole new dimension to the suit, which makes Ryuko Matoi look extremely badass.

The suit is so extreme looking that no one in real life would ever think of wearing it, much less using it in a battle. However, that daring and fearless attitude is what makes her so sexy.

Who wouldn't love a little danger in their life!

Senketsu Shippu

Senketsu Shippu | Senketsu Shippu | Ryuko Matoi's Top 4 Sexiest Outfits
source: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net

To overcome the disadvantage of facing a flying enemy, Ryuko Matoi's suit evolved even further to become its flying form - Senketsu Shippu. The shoulder part of her outfit expands to become wings, and the mini skirt is replaced with a long dress that works like a jet engine.

In this form, even though the sexy mini skirt is gone, the attractiveness is still there. In Japan, naughty gangster girls usually wear a combination of crop top and a long dress. This combination of old school and modern is so rebellious that it makes it appealing.

Senketsu Kisaragi

Senketsu Kisaragi | Senketsu Kisaragi | Ryuko Matoi's Top 4 Sexiest Outfits
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By absorbing the power of hundreds of Life Fibers, Ryuko Matoi can transform into her ultimate form, Senketsu Kisaragi.

While she is in this form, she gains a massive boost to her power, speed, and agility. And the greatest thing is that she got a boost in her sexiness and outstanding beauty while she's in that outfit.

Her outfit changes from navy blue with red lining into full bright red with yellow lining with a red aura. Also, her hairstyle and hair color changes drastically, too, from navy to a yellowish-orange color. She splits her scissor blades, and the duo wields them. The skirt that came with the thong in the previous outfit is gone. Instead, she wears nothing but a one-piece long-sleeved crop top connected to her stockings.

The outfit only covers her nipples and her front part; anything else, including her bottom, is completely exposed.

The outfit Ryuko Matoi wears while facing her evil mother comes with the four lightning-shaped ribbons that can transform her into a rocket. These ribbons help cover her bare bottom, making it totally appealing and seductive for viewers.

Ryuko Matoi is considered one of the sexiest and most daring characters in all of anime. Kill la Kill is definitely a must-watch anime if you are into magical girls and the ecchi genre. Not only is the anime fun and exciting, but the charm of Ryuko Matoi is going to leave you craving for more episodes to see her in all her powerful, yet sexy outfits.

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