The Hero Program Christmas Donations

Did you know that by subscribing to EcchiArt you become an instant Hero? Fifty percent of profits go to the Hero program, supporting good works all over the world. Here is an update of the really fantastic charity work that you guys helped over Christmas

28. Jun

A group photo from Orahovac | 28. Jun | The Hero Program Christmas Donations
28. Jun

EcchiArt teamed up with a charity called the 28. Jun, an international humanitarian organization with Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

28. Jun was founded in 2012 and has since delivered over 200 tons of humanitarian, medical, and disaster relief aid to the Western Balkans. This project was part of an extensive program to make sure foster children in Kosovo had a least one present for Christmas.

Christmas Packages

Package for toddlers | Christmas Packages | The Hero Program Christmas Donations
28. Jun

Christmas packages were put together for the children, taking into account age groups and preferences. The packages for younger children all had books and toys, some educational and others purely for fun. Toys included cars, playdough, action figures, and shape sorting toys for toddlers.

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There were also stationery items, winter hats, sweet and savory snacks, and hygiene items for older children and teenagers. These were all lovingly put together by the team at 28. Jun, and were even assisted by some of the staff from EcchiArt.

Altogether money from the Hero program was used to make gifts for over 400 children.

Foster Children

28. Jun

This Christmas project has been ongoing for several years, centering on the Kosmet area of Serbia. The program aims to help children in some of the most endangered areas; some children are even currently living in an enclave surrounded by barbed wire.

This Christmas package run was dropped at three different locations, Orahovac, Velika Hoča i Goraždevac, and Banje i Suvo Grlo/Osojane/Crkolez. At each site, the team from 28. Jun were blown away by the curiosity, modesty, and pure delight of all the children they met.

They believe very much in nurturing these future adults, hoping that no child feels forgotten or abandoned, and hope even these small gifts make them smile despite their living situation.

We’re hoping to work with 28. Jun more in the future in their excellent work.

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